Pool Sessions – book your places!

We’ve confirmed with Brecon Leisure Centre that we WILL be going ahead with pool sessions for at least the first half of the autumn term – Monday evenings 7-9pm. Several of you have told us that you’d like to join these, but we do need you to book formally, please – and there are limited spaces!

  • 6 & 20 Sep and 4 & 18 Oct will be ‘general training’ suitable for anyone wanting to develop their ‘wet skills’ (capsize confidence, support / recovery strokes, rescues and rolling) – as well as possibly space for a few beginners. We’ll be aiming to provide personalised coaching in small groups, although we will still need to observe some social distancing precautions which might limit hands-on assistance.
    • If you’d like to come for all 4 of these weeks, please book now by RSVP on the event listing for Mon 6 Sep 2021 Pool Session (Sam, Tanya & Tavi – you’re booked in);
    • or if you can only come some evenings, drop us an e-mail (Mike – remind us which you can make!).
  • 13 & 27 Sep and 11 Oct will be ‘polo training’ suitable for anyone (young or old!) who’d like to develop their paddling skills and fitness while also learning to play the exciting game of canoe polo (as long as we can fit you in our polo boats!). If you’d like to give it a try, please book now by RSVP on the event listing for Mon 13 Sep 2021 – or drop us an e-mail if you’d like to know more or check your suitability. We’re currently expecting Ele, Natalie, Olly & Steve but we do need a few more to make the games work!!! Again, we might have to adapt a little for reasons of social distancing, but we do expect to be able to run a full range of training activity.

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