Pool Session Mon 6 Sep

We’re expecting the following paddlers on Monday evening (7-9pm, Brecon Leisure Centre) – it’s not too late to join us, just drop us an e-mail ASAP!

  • Jim, Rhiannon, Sam, Tanya, Tavi

We’ll have up to 4 coaches available, so should be close to 1:1 tuition, working predominantly on wet skills and rolling.

We will still be operating with Covid precautions, so please see below – and follow coaches’ instructions:

Arrival & Changing

  • Please arrive just in time to be changed and ready to enter poolside for 7pm (i.e. don’t arrive too early!). To minimise time in the changing rooms, please arrive pre-changed where possible (e.g. swimwear under clothes). Please wear T-shirts as well as swimwear (for warmth as well as modesty!).
  • Make your way straight to the changing rooms – there should be no need to check-in at reception unless asked to on arrival.
  • Please wait at the changing room exits before going poolside – we’ll need to be given the ‘all-clear’ that the previous group has left before we enter.
  • Please wear face coverings in the building, including changing rooms and poolside. You won’t need to wear them once on the water!
  • Feel free to bring your own boats & paddles – as long as they’re clean. Deposit them by the external doors in the car park before the start of the session.

On Poolside

  • Please try to keep 2m away from one another (except other family members).
  • We will have a one-way system on poolside: please turn right out of the changing rooms and head to to the external doors to collect a boat, paddle, spray-deck and helmet. Continue anti-clockwise around the pool until you reach a point at least 2m from the person in front of you, where you can kit-up and launch (when given the all-clear to do so). At the end of the evening we’ll reverse this procedure, going clockwise!
  • Parents are welcome on poolside to help children carry boats and get kitted-up, also to help them empty boats if required during the session (we’ll show you how!). You might even be able to help in the water, if this is something you’d be willing to do – in which case, come prepared with swimwear!
  • No outdoor shoes on poolside please.

In the Pool

  • Please try to keep 2m (the length of a paddle) away from other paddlers, unless agreed by coaches (e.g. to practise rescues, when you may, if you’re happy to, spend short periods in closer contact with individual paddlers).
  • Coaches will aim to keep 2m away from participants as much as possible, but will need to be closer at times (e.g. for hands-on rolling training; and to recover capsized paddlers). However, we will each aim to spend less than 15min total within 2m of each individual paddler (and less than 1min total face-to-face within 1m of each individual paddler) – in line with Test & Trace ‘Close Contact’ guidelines.

Bookings & Payment

  • All bookings in advance please, by online event list RSVP or by e-mail.
  • Payment of £10 per session will be claimed in due course via our usual GoCardless Direct Debit.

Any questions – please drop us a line!

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