Work Party Volunteers NOT now needed – Monday evening 10 April

Further to last week’s request (below) – thanks to a team of keen volunteers who came along last Monday, we have now managed to get done most of the physical preparation for our summer training sessions, so we shan’t need another ‘work party’ on Monday 10th and you can all enjoy Easter Monday at home instead!

Many thanks to Andrew, Ceri, Chris, Dave, Fleur (and Clover!), Huw, Rhiannon and Sam Ha for your ‘gardening’ and ‘boat-shifting’ efforts last week.


Please let Steve know if you’d be willing and able to join a small ‘work party’ at Brecon Promenade on either Monday 3 April or Monday 10 April (or both!) from 6.30-8.30pm, in preparation for our post-Easter outdoor training sessions. The work will include:

  • clearing grass, undergrowth, small trees and debris from around our storage container (it would be helpful if you’re handy with – and ideally could bring some of – pruning saws, secateurs, croppers, cordless strimmers and shovels!);
  • moving boats between our box trailer and the storage containers; and
  • organising kit including buoyancy aids, spray-decks and helmets.


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