Welsh Canoe Polo – Brecon is back!!!

Five intrepid players from Brecon Canoe Club took part today in our first polo tournament since April 2019. Steve and Caitlin hadn’t played since then; Olly hadn’t played for several years; Dave since 19?? (and never for Brecon!); and for Sam C it was his first ever tournament. WE SURVIVED (and even won a game)!!! [We’ll keep quiet for now about our losses in the other 4 games – but we did at least score goals in most of them!]. Imagine our surprise when the first team we were up against was the ex-Brecon polo/slalom squad of Sam Davies and Caz & Iwan Lavis – we clearly trained them too well – but it was great to see them still in action and playing like demons (even if they have abandoned Brecon for Rhondda)! Many thanks to all our players; and to Rhondda Paddlers for hosting and organising the competition. We think we’re looking forward to the next one on 3rd April 😉

If any of our existing paddlers would like to try their hand at the exciting game of canoe polo, let us know – we have plenty of space in our Monday evening training sessions! You just need to be a little bit brave (!); be able to manoeuvre a boat; and be happy upside-down in the water from time-to-time!!! It’s a great way to get fit in a social environment while developing your paddling and gameplay skills and having a lot of fun!

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