Wales 4-a-side polo 11 Feb

Brecon Canoe Club’s polo team was in action again on Sat 11 Feb, this time in the pool at Rhondda Sports Centre. We got off to a good start, with a 5-5- draw against Swansea University (“we was robbed” as the referees failed to notice our goalkeeper being obstructed for 2 of these – ah well, can’t argue with the refs – we tried that last time ;-)). However, despite developing in confidence, team cohesion and skill throughout the tournament we were outclassed by the other teams, finishing in last place after valiant efforts against Dragon Ravens (6-2), Rhondda Rhinos (6-3), Bridgend Orcas (7-4) and Aberfan (3-1). We consoled ourselves by remembering that we only train every couple of weeks while they all train at least once a week and have mostly been at it longer than us – so we thought we’d made a pretty good effort when all was said-and-done. Oh, and Mike had his first swim for (was it 10?) years: which will be added to the swim table! Our team comprising Chris, Jess, Mike, Pete, Sam Ha and Steve R is now looking forward to the next Southwest Regional tournament in Cheltenham on 18 March: bring it on!

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