URGENT Message for all Polo Players – Tournament Opportunities!

Please let Steve know ASAP if you’re interested in the following opportunity…

Canoe Wales is organising three 4-a-side indoor tournaments at Rhondda Sports Centre. These will be ‘open’ tournaments – meaning that the teams can be any age – in 2 Divisions (though even at Div 2 some of the teams might be quite strong!). This would be a good opportunity for us to get back into the game of actually playing polo – rather than just training for it – but could be something of a baptism of fire!!!

There are 3 separate tournaments, we can enter one or more, so please let Steve know which you’d be available for. We don’t yet have timings so assume for now that they’ll be all-day. We need at least 4 players each time (and preferably one or two subs / reserves) – Steve’s available for all 3 to play / coach / referee / transport kit…

  • Sun 27 Feb (currently scheduled for a Club Trip but we can move this!)
  • Sun 3 Apr
  • Sun 1 May

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