So that’s what proper canoe polo feels like!!

Congratulations to our intrepid polo team for surviving today’s 4-a-side tournament in Rhondda! Our first game, against Dragon B, felt like being battered from all sides in the middle of a hurricane, although things calmed down slightly in our next two games against Bridgend Dolphins and Aberfan 2. By the time of our first play-off against Dragon Ravens we almost began to look like we knew what we were doing at times, but for our final game against Bridgend Ladies (who weren’t all ladies!) our energy levels were definitely flagging and we didn’t perform as well as we’d hoped. Ah well, great experience for all and we’re better players now than we were at the start of the day – even though it might not feel like it! We won’t mention the scores (although we did mange to get in 3 goals across the whole day). Well played Caitlin, Dave, Mike and Steve.

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