Please let us know NOW if you’re interested in ANY of our upcoming training or trips!

Most of our upcoming events are currently in jeopardy due to low numbers – so if you’re interested in any of them (even if not 100% sure right now), please let us know NOW so we can decide which of them to go ahead with. RSVP online for any of the events that show a link, or drop Steve an e-mail for any of them (we’ve included names of those who have expressed interest so far).

Pool sessions in Brecon Leisure Centre Monday 7-9pm starting 3 Sep (dates for 2 types of session still tbc):

  • General training, focused on ‘wet skills’ including water confidence rescues and rolling (Finn, Huw, Paul, Rhys)
  • Canoe polo training, for existing polo players and anyone who’d like to ‘have go’ at ‘5-a-side-rugby in boats’ (!), aged 11+, able to manoeuvre a kayak, and confident to capsize (Huw, Sam C, Steve R)

Weekend Trips:

  • Sun 13 Aug 2023 Moving Water Skills Day: a day at Symonds Yat Rapids, intended for our less experienced paddlers to learn moving-water skills as well as more experienced paddlers to practice fundamental white-water skills in kayak or canoe – this one will run, as we have 4 paddlers and 2 coaches confirmed, but space for more (Anne, Ian, Lee & Rhiannon)
  • Sun 20 Aug 2023 Club Trip: in place of our previously-scheduled bank holiday weekend, this will – depending on who expresses interest – be either:
    • a canal or river trip aimed at our newer paddlers, but open to everyone! (Finn, Rhys); or
    • something more exciting (e.g. sea or Cardiff white water) for more experienced paddlers, if there aren’t enough ‘novices’ to justify a gentler trip! (Sam C)
  • Sat 9-Sun 10 Sep – White Water Weekend in N Wales, for our experienced paddlers (none)
  • Sun 17 Sep or 1 Oct tbc (changed from 24 Sep) – River Trip for all our paddlers (none)
  • Sun 8 Oct and every 2nd Sunday until March – ‘Harder’ White Water Trips for our more experienced paddlers (8 Oct: Huw, Sam C)
  • Sun 22 Oct and every 4th Sunday until March – ‘Easier’ White Water Trips for developing paddlers (22 Oct: Huw, Sam C)
  • ADVANCE WARNING 25 May-2 Jun 2024Slovenia White Water (none)

2 thoughts on “Please let us know NOW if you’re interested in ANY of our upcoming training or trips!”

  1. I’m up for the weekly pool sessions (general training) and as long as I’m free (which I should be) I’ll be up for the 4th weekend of the month easier trips


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