Monday evenings update

Congratulations to Anne, Joanne, Kevin, Ollie, Rhys & William who became the Club’s first recipients last week of the new ‘Paddle Safer’ award designed to help new paddlers understand hat they can do to stay safe hen out paddling with friends and family.

On Monday 27th June, Steve will be bringing a few open canoes and a couple of sea kayaks, so there will be an opportunity for a few of you to try out some ‘different’ craft for a change. But we’ll also be continuing with our general training, working towards the Paddle Discover and Explore awards. You can still bring a friend for free to this session – just let us know in advance please so we can be ready for them!

We’ll be taking bookings soon for our next ‘block’ of sessions starting on 7 July, we expect these to continue with a similar format but are open to requests and suggestions: let Steve know if there’s anything particular you’d like to work on.

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