Monday 20 June Training – be prepared to get wet (and bring your own kayaks)!!

We’re planning to take advantage of the nice weather tomorrow evening to practice our capsizing and rescue skills – with the options of:

  • for our ‘newer’ paddlers (and anyone else who’s interested), undertaking the new ‘Paddle Safer’ course from British Canoeing (which is aimed at providing the understanding and skills you need to look after yourselves safely, with some bank-based discussion followed by a session on and in the water);
  • for our more experienced paddlers, practising your rescue skills; or
  • just coming out for a paddle and watching the fun (i.e. you don’t need to get wet if you don’t want to!).

If you’d like to join in the wet sessions, please dress appropriately (wetsuits recommended, or swimwear with lightweight ‘sports’ / ‘outdoor’ clothing – we do have a few wetsuits we can lend out) and remember a towel and spare clothes for afterwards!

NB Steve won’t be bringing extra boats this week so we’ll need to make do with what’s available in the club store, so for our ‘performance’ paddlers in particular if you do have you own ‘plastic’ kayak please bring it if you can!

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