Monday evening training

Thanks to all of you who’ve completed our survey and/or booked places on our Monday evening training sessions, starting on 9 May 6.30pm-dark at Brecon Promenade. We’ll be finalising plans over the next week or so, but it looks as if we’ll have the following 3 groups, at least for the first 3 weeks:

  • Adult beginners / developers, working on kayaking skills broadly along the lines of the British Canoeing Paddle Discover and Paddle Explore Awards
  • Junior beginners / developers, ditto!
  • Teen / adult performance training – fitness and skills with a bit of polo training thrown in

Details to follow in due course – including confirmation of who’s in which group. It’s not too late to express an interest if you haven’t already done so: just drop us an e-mail…

In the meantime, here’s some information about kit for these evening sessions, which some of you have been asking about:

  • We’ll provide boats, paddles, buoyancy aids, helmets and spray-decks for those who need them – but if you have your own, please bring them along!
  • Although deliberate immersion isn’t always part of the plan (and even when it is, it’s usually towards the end of the session) there’s always a chance of accidental capsize, so kit should take account of this (and the general weather conditions).
  • At the very least, wear clothing layers of the type you might wear to go walking – ideally synthetic materials that stay warm and don’t get too heavy when wet. Most people wear swimwear underneath. And a waterproof jacket (to keep off the rain and mind, rather than keep you dry if you capsize!) – we do have a limited number of canoeing cagoules, but not enough of the right sizes for everyone.
  • Footwear that you don’t mind getting wet, not too large (chunky trainers don’t fit well in kayaks; neoprene wet-shoes are ideal; sandals or crocs no good as they fall off!).
  • If you want to be assured of staying warmer if you fall in, a wetsuit is the next step. Ones made specifically for paddling are called Long Johns (or Long Janes!) and don’t have sleeves, for maximum mobility (worn with e.g. rash vest beneath and/or fleece above). But a standard surfing-type ‘full’ wetsuit is also fine as a starter. Again, we do have a very limited number of wetsuits, which you’re welcome to check-out on the first evening in case we have one that fits you…
  • Don’t forget a towel and complete change of clothes for the end of the session, in case you do fall in!! (NB there are no indoor changing facilities on site, so it’s a case of changing in the car park. Toilets may be open, but probably only until 7pm – and they cost 20p to get in).
  • We’ll be sure to talk about kit on the first couple of sessions so you can get an idea of what’s out there before you commit to spending £££, but if you do want some ideas…
  • Good local(ish) stores to look at are Up and Under and Canoe and Kayak Store – both will offer discounts for club members on request…

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