Weekly Update

Sorry this update is later than usual, but here are the latest updates:

  1. We’re looking forward to seeing some of you at the Wed 14 Jul 2021 Summer Training Evening, which will be our second ‘try a boat’ evening, with open canoes and SUPs (and possibly some others) for you to try out and continue to develop your skills.
  2. We’ve started to plan our Wednesday evening sessions during the school holidays:
    • Starting Wed 21 Jul 2021, we will be focusing for most of you on working towards the British Canoeing ‘Discover’ and ‘Explore’ Awards, which are an excellent benchmark of your developing skills as a paddler (although the Awards themselves are optional, depending on whether you like to have proof of your achievements!).
    • For those of you who have previously achieved these awards (or their forerunners), we will aim to offer a mixture of polo-related skills and physical training sessions (when Jess is available to run these!); and/or Foundation Safety & Rescue skills.
    • Because it’s the holiday period, we shan’t be asking you to block-book sessions but will treat each evening separately – although the more sessions you are able to attend, the more likely you are to achieve an award to recognise your progress!
    • Visit the individual sessions in our Upcoming Events List to book your places!
  3. Please book now if you’d like to take part in either of the following events – especially the Cardiff session which we need to pre-book ASAP:
  4. As usual, please e-mail Steve if you have any questions about forthcoming events!

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