Update – Pool Training Sessions after half-term

Thanks to those of you who responded to yesterday’s e-mail. We’re pleased to say that we will have the capacity to run a ‘youth development’ group (for 11-14s) as well as ‘rolling clinics’ and ‘independent practice’ (for everyone else!). The list below shows who has already reserved places. Those in bold have already paid. For those not in bold, there are tickets available for you to purchase online now, but if you don’t act soon we’ll offer them to others and you may lose your places (sorry!). Additional tickets may become available during the week (if Steve is able to access the booking system on his phone in Germany), or you may need to wait until Friday or next weekend – but in the meantime you can still ‘Express Interest’ and we’ll add you in if we can. Thanks for bearing with us!

  • Places reserved for: Anne (not 6th), Asher, Edith, Finn, Jonathan, Lauren, Lee, Lily, Mel, Rhys, Sam C, Sarah – up to 5 more places still available if these all confirm places…

Apologies for sending a follow-up e-mail so soon after the first, but…Steve will be away in Berlin with Scouts during most of the half-term holiday (next week), with limited (or no) access to the booking system, so it would be really helpful if you could book places by 6pm Sat 28 Oct (tomorrow) – otherwise confirmation may have to wait until Fri 3 Nov or later. Thanks!

***There is no pool session on 30 Oct as it’s half-term (and Steve is away)***

Booking is now open for our next block of ‘general training’ sessions starting 6 Nov (then 20 Nov, 4 Dec) – for details and booking see Mon 6 Nov 2023 Pool Session (General Training).

  • NB we may not have spaces for everyone who wants to attend these sessions and we will be releasing ‘tickets’ in phases, so please book quickly to reserve your place(s). We are currently taking bookings for:
    • 3-session block-booking for ‘independent practice’, for those who don’t need much coaching support (e.g. to practise rolling alone or in groups) – no specific limit on numbers;
    • 3-session block-booking for ‘rolling clinics’ to learn, improve or practise the art of kayak rolling (for teenagers & adults) – numbers limited by coach availability; and
    • Expressions of interest for ‘skills for developing kayakers’ (those aged 11-14; and other ‘novice’ paddlers) – whether this runs will depend on coach availability and numbers in the other groups, so we can’t guarantee spaces at this stage and may have to disappoint some of you – sorry!
  • If you’re not sure where you ‘fit’, either use the RSVP button to ‘express interest’, or drop us an e-mail and we’ll confirm in due course…

Polo training will take place in the intervening weeks (13, 27 Nov, 11 Dec); and the scheduled session on 18 Dec is likely to be a ‘special’ session for an invited group – details to follow…

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