Update on this week’s events

Apologies if you’ve received this twice – we missed off some of our newcomers from the subscription list first-time round…

Thanks to all those who’ve booked places for our next few events. The outline plan for this week is included below. We may still have spaces on these events, please contact mail@breconcanoeclub.org.uk if you’d like us to fit you in!

Wednesday 5, 12 & 18 May Training Sessions

We’ll start on the 5th with the following groups, which we’ll adjust if required as the block of sessions progresses and as we all get to know one another:

  • POLO GROUP (with Jess): Alex, Charlotte, Edith, Natalie
  • JUNIOR BEGINNERS + IMPROVERS (with Olly & Steve): Griff, Jim, Rhiannon, Ruan, Sam
  • ADULT BEGINNERS/IMPROVERS (with Dave & Ele): Andrea, Joe, Mary, Mike, Rob, Tanya

We will claim payments by Direct Debit (£30 for most; £20 for our existing u18s who’ve already paid for 5 May; £10 for anyone attending once only) – anyone needing to register for our membership system should have had an individual e-mail about this from Steve…

More information at this link: Wed 5 May 2021 Summer Training Evening

Saturday 8 May Pool Session, 3pm

We are expecting this to go ahead, subject to agreement by Brecon Leisure Centre; likely to be a 90-minute session for £10 each. We’re not planning to offer coaching for beginners in this session (since we didn’t have any specific requests for this); so we’ll be limiting the session to paddlers who can be largely ‘self-sufficient’ in the pool, i.e.

  • paddlers who can confidently rescue themselves and want to practice rolling, Eskimo rescues and/or support strokes; and
  • two or more paddlers from the same household who want to practise rescuing each other.

In either case, under-18s should have the support of a parent poolside (or in the water, if they know what they’re doing!).

We’ll send final confirmation later in the week to those of you who’ve booked places. We are currently expecting Alex, Charlotte, Dave (TBC), Ele, Steve & Tavi – let us know if you’d also like to join in…

More information at this link: Sat 8 May Pool Session – Brecon Canoe Club

Sunday 9 May Canal Trip

We’ve only had a couple of bookings for this (just Steve, Mike & Rhiannon so far), so there are plenty of spaces for others to join in – though we still intend to go ahead even with a small group. This would be an ideal opportunity for some of our ‘new’ paddlers to get a short trip under their belts! RSVP using the link below, or by e-mail, before the start of our training session on Wednesday (so we can get the right equipment together).

The trip will start and finish at Theatr Brycheiniog, meeting 9.30am and finishing by 1pm.

We’ll send final details later in the week to those of you who’ve booked places.

More information at this link: Sun 9 May 2021 Canal Trip – Brecon Canoe Club

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