This Wednesday’s Training Session

After a 2-week break, we’ll be back at Brecon Promenade for our next training session on Wednesday 16th June (details as Wed 26 May 2021 Summer Training Evening), with the following groups (if you’re listed as ‘TBC’, please let us know if you’re planning to join us):

  1. No Jess this week, so the polo skills development group will join Steve’s group in either plastic or polo boats – places booked for Edith & Natalie – [and provisionally reserved for Alex & Charlotte, TBC]
  2. Adult development with Steve, for experienced paddlers who aren’t ready for polo skills – places booked for Griff, Joe & Rhiannon [and provisionally reserved for Mike, TBC]
  3. Junior beginners / improvers with Olly – places booked for Jim, Ruan, Sam & Tomos [and possibly one or two new members, TBC]
  4. Adult beginners / improvers with Dave and Ele – places booked for Andrea, Keira & Rob [and provisionally reserved for Ken & Mary, TBC]

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