Return to Pool Sessions

Some good news:

  1. Our Risk Assessment for Covid-compliant pool sessions has been accepted by Brecon Leisure Centre; and
  2. We have been offered a grant to help us with the costs of pool hire over the winter

So we should be able to re-start pool sessions in the New Year – hooray!!! (Subject, of course, to any more lockdowns that may be coming our way…).


  • The only sessions now available to us are 8-9.30pm on Monday evenings, an hour later than our previous sessions.
  • The grant we’ve been offered is much less than we asked for, so will only allow us to ‘guarantee’ pool sessions until half-term (whether we can continue after then will depend on how many people are able to attend and how much they’re willing to pay)
  • Numbers in the pool will be limited, to help us maintain social distancing
  • Activities in the pool will also be limited to maintain social distance (no close-contact games, no hands-on coaching)
  • We will need to operate strict distancing and hygiene procedures on entering the poolside, issuing and adjusting equipment etc. – which will inevitably mean that these things will take longer than usual (meaning less time actually on the water)
  • All participants must be capable of carrying, adjusting and emptying their own boats – so anyone who needs assistance with this will need to be accompanied on poolside by another family member (we’ll provide any training they require)
  • We’re likely to ‘start small’, with just a few experienced paddlers; and to gradually expand numbers and scope of activity as we gain confidence (this means that we’re unlikely to invite beginners at the start)

If, despite all this, you’d be interested in attending one or more pool sessions in the New Year, please reply to this e-mail, to let us know:

  1. How many sessions might you like to attend in Jan / Feb (max. 7)?
  2. What would you want from these sessions (e.g. practice on my own, training in a group, one-to-one coaching, etc.)
  3. How much would you be willing to pay for each session – e.g. £5, £8, £10?
  4. Are you able to bring your own kayak and paddle?

Once we have a better idea of who’s interested, we’ll let you know what we’ll be able to offer and will invite you to individual sessions. Watch this space…!

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