Responses Required for Pool Sessions

Thanks to those of you who have already told us you’d be interested in pool sessions in January – but we do need a few more of you to make these worthwhile. The current plan (subject, of course, to any more lockdowns that may be coming our way…) is for sessions to start on 4 Jan at a cost of £10 per person, per session.

If you’re interested in attending one or more pool sessions in the New Year, please reply IMMEDIATELY (!) to this e-mail, to let us know:

  1. How many sessions might you like to attend in Jan / Feb (max. 7)?
  2. What would you want from these sessions (e.g. practice on my own, training in a group, one-to-one coaching, etc.)
  3. Are you able to bring your own kayak and paddle?

Once we have a better idea of who’s interested, we’ll let you know what we’ll be able to offer and will invite you to individual sessions.


  • The only sessions now available to us are 8-9.30pm on Monday evenings, an hour later than our previous sessions.
  • The grant we’ve been offered is much less than we asked for, so will only allow us to ‘guarantee’ pool sessions until half-term (whether we can continue after then will depend on how many people are able to attend and how much they’re willing to pay)
  • Numbers in the pool will be limited, to help us maintain social distancing
  • Activities in the pool will also be limited to maintain social distance (no close-contact games, no hands-on coaching)
  • We will need to operate strict distancing and hygiene procedures on entering the poolside, issuing and adjusting equipment etc. – which will inevitably mean that these things will take longer than usual (meaning less time actually on the water)
  • All participants must be capable of carrying, adjusting and emptying their own boats – so anyone who needs assistance with this will need to be accompanied on poolside by another family member (we’ll provide any training they require)
  • We’re likely to ‘start small’, with just a few experienced paddlers; and to gradually expand numbers and scope of activity as we gain confidence (this means that we’re unlikely to invite beginners at the start)

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