REMINDER Mon 13 May 2024 Summer Training – Open Canoe evening – booking now available

Steve has 10 canoes loaded and ready to go for Monday evening, but only 2 paddlers booked so far!

Please RSVP or Get Tickets (or e-mail us with requests) by 9pm Sun 12th, so we know who to expect – visit Mon 13 May 2024 Summer Training – Open Canoe evening for details and booking.

Our fifth Monday evening outdoor foray will offer the opportunity for some open (‘Canadian’) canoeing, since Steve will have a trailer ready-loaded with canoes which he’ll be bringing along. There will be a £10 fee for canoeists, this will include coaching for those who wish. Depending on numbers there may be options for both tandem and solo paddling (2 in a boat or all alone!).

Or if you don’t want to canoe, feel free to just come along for a ‘social paddle’ with your own kayak.

***NB we will be operating from the LOWER car park (by the river) on this occasion, so please meet us there***

Arrangements for subsequent weeks to follow in due course…

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