Pool Sessions Update

It was great to have both pools full last night – and to see some of you rolling for the first time ever (or the first time in a long while)! We’ll be claiming direct debit payments shortly (£40 for those of you who’ve booked all 4 sessions before Christmas)…

Our next general training session on 15 Nov is currently full, so if any of you find you’re not able to come after all (or want to be added to the ‘reserve list’), please let Steve know.

  • Confirmed: Alex, Andrea, Dave C, Elin, Jim, Keira, Kevin, Mike B, Nairi, Oscar, Phil C, Rhiannon, Ruan, Sam, Tanya & Tavi.
  • Reserve: Seren.

Please let Steve know ASAP if you’d like to join our next polo training session on 8 Nov – we might have space for one or two new players who are looking for something challenging to do in the pool (as well as our existing players who haven’t yet confirmed whether you’re coming)!

  • Confirmed so far: Caitlin, Edith, Jenny, Nat, Rhi & Sam

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