New membership system

NB to access the new membership system, visit Members – Brecon Canoe Club

We have now ‘finished’ the transfer of our membership system from LoveAdmin to our own website. No doubt there will be teething problems with membership renewals etc. so please bear with us – and do forward to us any ‘odd’ or unexpected messages from the system so we can investigate!

All our existing members have been transferred to a ‘membership plan’ equivalent to their existing membership, which should (if we’ve done it correctly) expire one month before their current membership is due to expire. If the system operates as expected (!), members should then be invited to (re-) apply for membership – which will include a month’s free trial (hence the early ‘current’ expiration date). NB payment for membership can be via PayPal or any other means agreed by us (in which case select the ‘bank transfer’ option and let us know you’ve done so!)

We’re hoping this all works – and that it makes sense – but please do let us know of any problems; we’ll do our best to fix them or find workarounds.

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