More spaces on white water trips!

Due to popular demand we’re increasing the number of spaces on most of our white water trips, so if you’ve tried to book but found them ‘full’ you may now find some slots available if you try again. If not, drop Steve an e-mail and he may still be able to fit you in nearer the time…

Explanation: Steve is currently our only qualified, active river leader and he can only take up to 10 paddlers on white water trips (and only that many when he has a ‘competent assistant’). But on some of the rivers we paddle, a single group of 10 is too large to manage safely, so might be restricted to 8, 6 or even 4 paddlers depending on the size and nature of the river. As the day of the trip approaches and we know the likely river levels, we can make a final decision on the safe group size (and will know if anyone has had to drop-out), so at that point extra places may become available (or very occasionally we may even need to reduce the group size) – hence we are always happy to hold a ‘reserve list’ and try to fit people in if we can.

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