June-July Monday evening training – your preferences needed!

Our second 6-week ‘block’ of Monday evening training at Brecon Promenade starts on 12 June and finishes on 17 July – with no breaks for bank holidays this time!!

Due to coach availability we may be quite limited in what we can offer this time; we’d like to be able to attract newcomers to a ‘learn to paddle’ course which means we may only be able to run one other coached group (plus self-led casual paddlers).

Many of our existing paddlers will have already exhausted most of what we can offer you in kayaks at this venue – BUT we’re considering the following options which might be attractive to some of you – PLEASE LET STEVE KNOW ASAP (at latest by MIDNIGHT MON 29 MAY) IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THESE:

  • Learn to paddle! – aimed at ‘complete beginners’ aged 11+
  • Lose a blade! – aimed at kayakers who’d like to transfer their skills to using single blades (and perhaps even poles and sails) with open canoes and/or paddleboards
  • Fit to paddle! – aimed at existing paddlers who’d like to develop their paddling fitness and efficiency
  • Just paddle! – for those who are happy to just come along and paddle for an evening without any specific coaching input

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