Brecon Canoe Club Events reminder – including possible pool session Sat 8th May

Just a reminder to book your places now on the following (click on the links and find the ‘Going’ button in the RSVP box at the bottom of each page):

These events will only go ahead if we get more bookings in the next few days!!!

Also, a new event, yet to be fully confirmed:

Sat 8 May Pool Session (click the link for details, but there’s no RSVP button for this one – please e-mail us as soon as possible to let us know what you’d like to do in this session, so we can plan accordingly). This is intended for:

  • paddlers who can confidently rescue themselves in the pool and want to practice rolling, Eskimo rescues and/or support strokes;
  • two or more paddlers from the same household who want to practise rescuing each other; and
  • beginners who want to practice capsizing and can bring along a family member to support them (in the water).

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