Another great river trip!

Our latest river trip today saw 8 intrepid paddlers take on the challenge of the ‘3 waterfalls’ on the Usk below Sennybridge, followed by a 10-mile paddle into Brecon. Great paddling from all the team: Dave, Olly, Peter, Phil H, Sam, Steve, Tanya & Tavi.

PS the challenge has already started for the 2022 ‘Swimmer of the Year’ Award – here are the live swimometer results so far:

  • Phil H: 1 (while rescuing Tanya’s boat!)
  • Tanya: 2 (both caused by rocks that just wouldn’t get out of the way!)
  • Sam: 3 (of which 2 weren’t real swims – just getting out of his boat!)
Survivors of the second waterfall (just visible in the background)

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