Aberbran to Brecon 23 Oct

So, today’s “easy white water” trip turned out to be a little more exciting than expected – the Usk had risen 6 inches between the time we left home and the time we got on the river, which added rather more challenge for our white-water novices than they might have been hoping for. Nevertheless, we had a great trip! Pete and Steve had both paddled this section recently (when it was lower), so to spice things up chose different boats today (Pete in canoe and Steve in kayak). We found lots of white-water features to navigate, practise and play on; enjoyed lunch in the sun; experienced a few (accidental) swims by Anne, Chris and Sam H – providing some boat-chasing practice for Pete & Steve (they do say “if you’re not swimming, you’re not trying hard enough”!); and more (deliberate) swims – providing throwline practise for all; and finished-off with first-time-on-the-river rolls by Chris, Sam H and Nairi. We also welcomed Phil M on his first club event; and congratulated Sam C on staying dry all day (well, apart from the copious splashing, deliberate swimming and rolling practice at the end!). Well done and thanks all for a great day – we’re now looking forward to the next ‘easy’ trip on 27 Nov (and a slightly ‘harder’ one on the 13th).

2022 [accidental] swims to date: Anne: 4; Chris D: 2; Fleur: 1, Fraser: 1; Jim: 4; Kevin: 4; Nairi: 14; Phil H: 3; Rhiannon: 2; Rhys: 9; Sam C: 12; Sam H: 1; Siobhan: 1; Tanya: 3

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  1. Lost my sit on kayak between aberrant and Brecon prom today 28/10/22. My mate last saw it on the right hand side of the river held up in some bushes but couldn’t get to it,walked the river bank as much as possible to no avail. Just wondered if any members could keep an eye open for it and contact me please.


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