Membership fees due soon

For those of you who’ve been members for more than a year, your annual fees will be due on 1 Sep (those of you who’ve joined more recently will be due a year after you joined). Please look out for renewal invitations from our LoveAdmin membership system and complete them as soon as you can. … Read more

Pool Sessions September-October

We will be running pool sessions this half-term (9 Sep -21 Oct), 7-9pm at Brecon Leisure Centre (although we still need more people to sign-up to avoid making a financial loss!). We expect to have 3 groups, each running every week: Beginners / Learn to Kayak Developers (e.g. who’ve been paddling with us for a year … Read more

Update 21 August

A quick update this week: Sunday’s (25th) planned trip to Symonds Yat is CANCELLED due to lack of interest (we may reschedule this one away from the Bank Holiday!) Pool sessions are under threat for the next half-term (may not be enough participants to cover costs) but we’ll confirm this by next week at the … Read more

Pool sessions starting September

It looks as if we might be struggling to gather enough participants to run pool sessions next term (we need at least 12 to make ends meet), so if you know anyone who’d like to learn to kayak in the pool, please ask them to contact Steve immediately! If we are able to go ahead … Read more